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Bogglebang is a boutique recording studio and music production facility within 20 minutes of Brussels, Belgium. 

It consists of a purpose-built and ultra-quiet building, a beautiful selection of gear, and years of professional experience and know-how. 

Between its vintage keyboards, pristine acoustics and a 128 channel networked audio setup, you have analogue charm and digital flexibility at your fingertips here. 


Bogglebang is the home and workspace of Brecht De Man, building on a career as musician, technologist and academic. In addition to running the studio, Brecht is Head of Research at PXL-Music (the Belgian pop and rock school) and lectures at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague
He is also director at the Audio Engineering Society and chair of its Belgian chapter, and holds a PhD in electronic engineering from the Centre for Digital Music in London. 

After close to a decade of working in the UK, the studio brings a blend of British heritage and innovation to the continent.
From acoustics to electronics, every aspect of the studio was engineered to perfection, planned and built over several years. No approach is too creative here - through advanced understanding of the tools and the physics of sound, you'll get the result you needed.


Step outside, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by pastures and stables in the beautiful countryside. We know studio-grade acoustics and equipment are only a part of the experience, so apart from our professional support and coaching, you can enjoy the nature, hang out with cats, visit some horses, socialise with the sheep… 

The studio is part of a gorgeous nineteenth century townhouse, “Villa Vogelenzang” (“Villa Birdsong”). It’s a historic location both for its role in Belgium’s once thriving poultry industry and the youth of national treasure Gerard Walschap (1898–1989), and affectionately corrupted to “Bogglebang” by Australian writer Gareth Dickson. The rest, as they say, is history. 

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