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Music and Audio Production Studio

Condenser microphone photo

Recording and Mixing

Our flexible facility can handle ensembles of any kind. We believe in creating the perfect acoustics, signal path, and professional support to get your idea and emotion across to the listener. 

VO and Podcasting

Our main room is beautiful for speech recordings: incredibly quiet, cosy, and with a great selection of vocal mics. 

We produce your brand assets like ads, jingles, and background music. 

Dynamic broadcast microphone
The Piano Wall

Full Stack Music Production

Writing, performing, recording, mixing, releasing... We can do it with you or we can do it for you! 

Our passion for sound AND music means your next production or event is in good hands, whether you're a band, solo artist, or company. 

Rehearsal Space

Welcome to the quietest room in the region.
No, really. 

Purpose-built to the highest specs, you can be as loud as you want here, enjoy the air conditioning and controlled temperature, and get live multitrack recordings. 

Drum kit top view
Electric piano with aviator sunglasses

Bogglebang Academy

What better place to get music lessons than at a professional studio? 

You'll get a tutor with lots of teaching experience, including at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. 

At this time, we offer keyboard, drums, and band coaching - but contact us to find out more!


Inspiration is never far away at Bogglebang - sometimes a walk around its historic building, stables and fields is all you need. 

Facade of the building where the studio is housed
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